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The Creators MindVoice : A Panel Discussion

Our Panelists

Buvanesh Subramani

Born in Ooty, currently in Coimbatore. Working as a wedding photographer under his own banner named BuvanWeddings. He brings a lot of understanding about the world of documentary photography to our panel.

Aparna Ganesan

Journalist passionate about connecting communities/issues with policies through video as a format. Constantly learning and 100% tired all the time. Hello!

Mohamed Irshath

He calls himself as a people photographer. One of the most versatile contemporary portrait photographers in Chennai.

Prashanth Swaminathan

Prashanth Swaminathan is an art enthusiast and photographer from Chennai. He’s inspired by the power and magic of art. He practices and pursues art hoping to live a better life.

Work of Our Panelists

What you can learn from the PANEL

The Journey

The journey of each creative teaches so many things. When discussing about the journey of each of these panelists you’ll get to understand how to approach your own journey to become a creative.

Social Responsibility

Being a creative is not a selfish career. The best creative people out there always stand for what is right and always wait for an opportunity to show how they can reflect the society in their art form and bring about change. When setting out to create art, it is really important to understand the responsibility of ‘YOU’ as a creator.


What separates a good artist from the rest of the crowd is the game that goes on inside their mind. When you bring in 4 such people and put them in the same room, you get to understand how to train your brain to work for you and also reflect upon how you can create imagery, art or any kind of work that has meaning.


One of the most important parts of evolving as a creator is understanding the technicality behind what you want to create. Each artist that you see in the panel reflect some kind of mastery in their field and that’s the reason they have been able to survive and create amazing work. Understand the behind the scene work of each of them will help understand how to shape our own working style.


Probably one of the most underrated parts of the journey of being a creative is connecting with the community, connecting with people, connecting with your audience. Learn how you can connect with people in order for your work to reach people.

Mental Health

Would you have thought about mental health when thinking about being a creative? It is extremely important to have the right mental health and to understand yourself in order to keep growing as a creative. A Creative’s life usually involves a lot of problems on a day to day basis, from pressure from your family to commitments as an individual, everything will come in the way in your work, the panelists will help you understand how to balance your career and life.
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