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For a Change! Screening & Discussion

WHY 'For a Change'?

Of everything, we need to cast the spot light on real super heroes. The heroes you will meet here are those whom we see everyday around, from ordinary backgrounds but doing extraordinary things. Our weekends have always been filled with fun. FOR A CHANGE, let us come together to witness and talk change. This will be more fun!


The theme of the first FOR A CHANGE is ROAD. Roads are often filled with chaos, making us despise the situations we face. Especially a traffic cop who halts you and holds your flow. Especially an auto driver who would drive through furiously and always is on a sledging spree. But here are two people who totally changed this game. Meet the amazing auto annadurai and the super cop Kumar. They are here to change the way you look at life.

The Agenda

  • 5:00 pm : Hi and Hello amongst us.
  • 5:05pm : Film Screenings
  • 5:15pm : Hero Introductions and Conversation begins
  • 6:00 pm : Selfie with Heroes

What happens?

  • You get to meet the filmmakers behind the making of the films, and discuss on the storytelling, documentary filmmaking, impact delivery and more.
  • You get to meet these real heroes face to face (at a safe distance) and hear them speak abut their journey of becoming the inspiring icons they are today.
  • You get to hear on the foundational values of their success in life, their idea about passion, their take on purpose and MORE.
  • You get to converse up close with them about life values and social responsibility.

Supercop KUMAR

SUPER COP! With all the heat and the wait, the sight of a traffic signal often worries us. But not when the SUPER COP is around. Meet Mr.Kumar, the traffic police from Chennai who is famous for all good reasons. He dances, does crazy moves and sings along when he manages the traffic. People love him. But there’s more than what we see, that makes him a super cop.

Auto Annadurai

How far does one go to satisfy the customers? Well, Auto Annadurai takes customer satisfaction to a whole new level by the way he has transformed an auto ride into a mindboggling experience. From newspapers to TV to iPAD to swiping machine, name it and he has it in his auto. One by one, in his search to add more value to the customer’s travel time in his auto, he has built quite a haven inside his auto. He has given two TEDx talks and a lot of corporate seminars across India already. His story is something that we must all know about, as a management lesson in valuing the customer and as a lifetime lesson in loving the job that we do.

Who’s invited ?

Anyone who is passionate about

  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Social Responsibility
  • Passion & Purpose driven life
  • Building a better planet, together
  • Becoming a better human
  • Basically All of YOU 🙂 
Seats Available

14th FEB, 2021  

StudioA by Amar Ramesh, Chennai