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An Exclusive 2-Day Workshop

The key to picture-perfect lighting is not in the lights, it’s in understanding how light works. This is a deep dive into understanding the science of light to enable you to master the art of lighting! Starting from my journey, to science and to execution – I’ll put everything I learnt about lighting in the past 10 years on the table.

Date: Mar 13 – Mar 14
Time : 10 am to 5pm

**COURSE FEE: 15000 + GST  **


Understanding the fundamentals of how light works is really important for a photographer who wants to master the art of lighting. This is a place where we learn the science behind the light and how you can take its advantage to create some breath taking images. We will go detailed study of light and deconstruction of all my best pictures through out my career as a professional photographer.

Control and shape the light the way you want!


With 6 Hours of content, we will cover everything from the basics of light to the advanced techniques of lighting enabling you to start your journey of controlling and manipulating light.
  1. Manipulation of Light
  2. The Science of Light
  3. The Art of Lighting
  4. Equipment to Use
  5. Fundamentals of Making Amazing Pictures
  6. How to Look for Light?
  7. Types of Lights
  1. Types of Lighting Techniques
  2. Understanding How Light Interacts
  3. Controlling Lights and Colours
  4. Shoot Like a Pro
  5. Using Natural Light and Artificial Light
  6. Deconstructing The Best Pictures
  1. Understanding Flashes, Strobes & Modifiers
  2. The Right Settings to Shoot In?
  3. Creative Application of Artificial Lights
  4. Workflow Shooting Indoors and Outdoors
  5. Shooting in Uncontrollable Environment
  6. Choosing the Right Modifiers
  7. Finding and Working with a Vision


Irrespective of the genre, the fundamentals of light, lighting, and photography stand the same. If you want to learn to control the light, this is the right place for you.

Becoming an artist depends on the student as much as it does on the teacher. How willing are you to act on your vision and dreams?
Can you calculate the expense of a product without considering its value?
No. For an easy understanding and application of this workshop, it is suggested that you have a knowledge of the basic fundamentals of photography.
You will get access to the recording of the class for the days that you miss, so you are always on board with everyone.

Incase of Any Queries

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