from Studio A

“ A 4-day-impact course to elevate your art and science of wedding filmmaking. ”

From wedding 'videos' to wedding 'films', the transition has been phenomenal. It is exciting and challenging to capture all those moving moments in a wedding into a finely crafted film that will stand for generations to come. The vision, the technique, the music, the edit, the approach, the creativity, the team, the success, and the mistakes - we discuss it all in this exclusive workshop from the storytellers of Studio A. Come, let's be better wedding filmmakers together!

Who can attend this workshop?

If you are a filmmaker, a cinematographer, or a storyteller interested to learn and elevate your craft of wedding filmmaking, then this course is for you.

WHY attend this workshop?

Because it will transform your way of thinking about wedding films. Yes, it all begins from your mind, the process of filmmaking. Having been there and done that for the past decade, we have just the right set of knowledge and wisdom to share with you, so you can speed up your learning curve.

Day 1:


  • The key element in delivering a good wedding film
  • Equipment planning
Day 2:

How we roll?

  • Wedding cinematography
  • Capturing stories
  • Team chemistry
Day 3:


  • The recipe to a great story
  • Adding more life to films
  • Interviewing
  • Summary
  • Fitting the puzzle pieces together
Day 4:


  • File management
  • How to set the flow of the film
  • Live editing
  • Delivery
  • Client satisfaction
  • Conclusion


Coming from the house of Studio A, with nearly a decade's experience in filmmaking, our storytellers are a mix of cinematographers, editors, directors, musicians, and managers who come together to teach you this beautiful art and science behind wedding filmmaking. Easily one of the top wedding filmmaking names in India, Studio A's reputation comes from a cocktail of experience and imagination. With 250+ wedding films in the kitty, we bring to you the raw set of secrets presented perfectly.

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