“ An impact course on Creativity to elevate your business of life”

Have you ever wondered how Studio A shoots weddings with proven customer delight, documents social stories to create change, pursues compelling art projects, travels to document heritage, creates learning workshops, partners with the top brands, thrives with a team of 20, has pure fun, and makes money on the go too? It’s the Creative Culture we have in place! Well, we’ve compiled all the secrets into a quick course and called it UNLOCK

WHY take this course?

Times are tough, and Creativity is the need of the hour. It is no more a special trait but a bare essential state of mind NEEDED to survive and thrive in times ahead. And no time like NOW to step up your creativity levels. With a focused approach, this course is designed to UP your creative juices, and help you become a better artist, salesman, marketer, entrepreneur, and most importantly a happy-content-human-being, one day at a time. Ready to fly high on inspiration? Wingadium Leviosa!

Who can take this course?

Are you someone who believes in the power of creativity, but facing difficulty in practically implementing it on a daily basis of your life and business? Then this course is for you. With practical examples and case studies from the creative culture of Studio A and beyond, we will be discussing in-depth about the process of unlocking creativity, and the magic it can bring. Period.


Decoding, cultivating, and nurturing a creative state of mind to help you be on the top of your game, all the time

  • Decoding creativity
  • Implementing Creative Thinking
  • Improving your business value proposition
  • Branding-blueprint for times ahead


Content is king. How can you be the kingmaker?
Creating compelling content that stands out on social media and mind walls.

  • Keys to Creating Killer Content
  • Creative Social Media Approach
  • Building a following beyond the social walls


How creative can you get in sales, negotiation, and relationship building? Real-time case studies to creating more WOW and AHA moments in life & business.

  • Power of Moments and personal(ized) selling
  • Creating WOW and AHA moments in sales
  • Win-Win Negotiation strategies
  • Practicing Play as a Sales Strategy
  • Creating unforgettable Customers Delight


Handling competition through collaboration, creatively.

  • Insights into what makes customers & brands turn heads, and sign you up.
  • Client Expectations Vs. Artist Aspirations
  • Power of Collaboration
  • The process of Partnering with brands


Can you be creative all the time without blocks? Maybe, yes. Proven methods to tap the limitless creative potential in you.

  • Power of experiments with self
  • Overcoming Creative blocks
  • Journey to the million likes with a blue tick on your Instagram
  • Establishing Perennial sources of Inspiration
  • Establishing a consistent and creative routine
  • Discovering the Creative Genius in you


the Creative human:

Maverick Prem is a Creative human from Studio A, who heads content, handles corporate sales, and writes/directs in the change steering Big short Films. With a deep-rooted love for writing, he has been instrumental in bringing the creative flavor to the tribe Studio A on various fronts in his ride here. He has taught powerful sessions on creativity in all the 35 batches of EVOLVE so far. His imagination as a writer and experience as an Entrepreneur (before joining Studio A he co-founded two apparel brands - Difference of Opinion and Tamizhanda) has been a valuable combination of head and heart to the team. His creative routine includes writing a letter every day, running three miles on the road, reading human minds, experimenting with self, practicing creativity in work, and drawing inspiration from his three-year-old son Theo Sakya. His first book “When Souls Make Love” just got published and it is scheduled to be released post the lockdown. In short, if you are eager to converse on creative thinking and confidence, he is a person to say Hi to.

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