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Selva is the Lead Editor in Studio A, with over 8 years of solid experience in the world of editing. With renowned awards like Fearless, WPPI, One EyeLand, and more to his name, he has a flair for teaching Lightroom on a proven practical level.
  • 170+ minutes of content
  • 21 Episodes
  • 50+ topics covered
  • Lifetime Access

**TUTORIAL FEE:₹ 2900 **


From importing the pictures to editing them with the right tools/techniques to, lastly, exporting with the right settings – every aspect of Lightroom is covered here.

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In the class, Selva will discuss how “editing” can make you a better creator.
Anyone who wants to learn. The class will cover every aspect of Lightroom, from the basic to the advanced tools while equipping you with the understanding of when to use what. This is an all in one powerhouse.
  1. Shoot Like a Pro
  2. Using Natural Light and Artificial Light
  3. Deconstructing The Best Pictures
  1. Understanding Flashes, Strobes & Modifiers
  2. The Right Settings to Shoot In?
  3. Creative Application of Artificial Lights
  4. Using Lights to Create Mood
  1. Workflow Shooting Indoors and Outdoors
  2. Shooting in Uncontrollable Environment
  3. Choosing the Right Modifiers
  4. Finding and Working with a Vision

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