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After successfully completing 35 batches of Evolve 1.0. Here is EVOLVE 2.0, 4 days of live experience with the masters who will take you on a journey to sharpen your photography, editing, personality and business skills. A course which will focus on building the A-Z of a career in photography. 

Course Fee: ₹30000/- + GST

Amar's DAY

Before we get down to jotting down the points of what you will be learning and evolving during Amar’s Day, there is something amazing you need to know. To make sure you understand the roots of being a creative, we plan on taking you through our roots and where we drive our inspiration from. 

The rest of Amar’s day is a surprise learning and evolving experience. 

( If you want to Enroll only for Amar’s session, Fees will be 10800 )

Lucky's DAY

Lakshman is an artist who views people’s faces as a canvas that hold many mysteries. What is light? How do I master light? What are the best ways to learn lighting techniques and what is the fastest way to grow as a photographer?
Flashes, strobes, natural light, all the basics. + Lucky will be taking you through his 9 year journey in wedding photography.
Things you will learn technically 
1. Lighting Techniques 
2. Live Demonstration with a Model on how to shoot people. 
3. Working with Lights ( Natural + Artificial )

( If you want to Enroll only for Lucky’s session, Fees will be 10800 )

Selva's DAY

The key to editing like a pro is in understanding what the photographer intended to communicate through the photo. 

Why should I edit my pictures? Why should I use Lightroom? No questions will be left unanswered, in this fun, interesting, and informative class! In the class, Selva will discuss how “editing” can make you a better creator.
Some of things you will learn technically 
1. Refined Editing Process / Workflow
2. Different Styles of Editing 
3. Understanding the basics of colors in photos
4. How to deliver photos to a client.

( If you want to Enroll only for Selva’s session, Fees will be 10800 )

Prem's DAY

How creative can you get in sales, negotiation, and relationship building? Real-time case studies to creating more WOW and AHA moments in life & business. Decoding, cultivating, and nurturing a creative state of mind to help you be on the top of your game, all the time. Content is king. How can you be the kingmaker?
Creating compelling content that stands out on social media and mind walls.
– Decoding creativity
– Implementing Creative Thinking
– Improving your business value proposition
– Branding blueprint for times ahead
– Keys to Creating Killer Content
– Creative Social Media Approach
– Building a following beyond the social walls.

( If you want to Enroll only for Prem’s session, Fees will be 10800 )


Sudhakar Bichali

Fujifilm X Series Mentor - INDIA

Punit Desai & Ashwini Desai

Winner – Fearless Photographers, WeddingSutra Awards, WedAward International Wedding Photography Award Founders - 'Dreamcatchers Photography'

Mohandas Shyree

Malaysian photographer, majoring in Weddings and Social Events photography.

S Magendran

Malaysian Indian Wedding Photography Award

Kanmani Palaniappan

Portrait Photographer - Chennai

Harini Sarathy

Portrait Photographer - Chennai ​


Documentary Wedding Photographer, Tamil Nadu

and 1000 more…

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