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An Exclusive 2-Day EDITING Workshop

Selva is the Lead Editor in Studio A, with over 8 years of solid experience in the world of editing. With renowned awards like Fearless, WPPI, One EyeLand and more to his name, he has a flair for teaching Editing on a proven practical level. He has been successfully conducting workshops on mastering Lightroom for the past two years (12 so far), and this is his master class equipped for aspirants who wish to sharpen their editing skills. 

Course Fee: ₹15000/- + GST

About the Workshop

The key to editing like a pro is in understanding what the photographer intended to communicate through the photo. 

Why should I edit my pictures? Why should I use Lightroom? No questions will be left unanswered, in this fun, interesting, and informative class! In the class, Selva will discuss how “editing” can make you a better creator.

Some of things you will learn technically 
1. Refined Editing Process / Workflow
2. Different Styles of Editing 
3. Understanding the basics of colors in photos
4. How to deliver photos to a client.


With 16 Hours of content, we will cover everything from the basics of editing to the advanced techniques of editing enabling you to start your journey of controlling and manipulating light.

  • Introduction
  • How to create catalog
  • Import picture (what are the ways)
  • How to copy the pictures through Lightroom
  • Folder structure
  • Culling (rating) and colour tags
  • Quick develop
  • Keywords
  • Collection
  • Metadata
  • Navigator (overall preview module)
  • Raw (vs) jpg
  • Histogram
  • Basic edit
  • Local adjustment
  • Curves
  • HSL
  • How to make your own preset
  • Snapshot
  • Details
  • Split tones
  • Lens correction
  • Calibration
  • Export


Irrespective of the genre, the fundamentals of editing, lighting, and photography stand the same. If you want to learn to control your photos , this is the right place for you.

Becoming an artist depends on the student as much as it does on the teacher. How willing are you to act on your vision and dreams?
Can you calculate the expense of a product without considering its value?
No. For an easy understanding and application of this workshop, it is suggested that you have a knowledge of the basic fundamentals of photography.

Incase of Any Queries

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