About the Instructor

Selva is the Lead Editor in Studio A, with over 8 years of solid experience in the world of editing. With renowned awards like Fearless, WPPI, One EyeLand and more to his name, he has a flair for teaching Lightroom on a proven practical level. He has been successfully conducting workshops on mastering Lightroom for the past two years (12 so far), and this is his digital master class equipped for aspirants who wish to sharpen their editing skills. .



  • Creating a Portrait Edit Workflow.
  • Understanding the Clone Stamp Tool
  • The Magic of Curves
  • Making the best use of Dodge and Burn
  • Mastering the Quick Edit Technique


  • Understanding Facial Features
  • Working with Eyes
  • Advanced Frequency Separation
  • Blending, Contouring and Luminance

Points to Note

  • Basic Editing Knowledge
  • Understanding basic lightroom and photoshop
  • Keep an open mind
  • Be focused and interactive
  • Take it one day at a time

Get ready to learn the tricks and treats of retouching a portrait, the professional way.

Incase of Any Queries

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