About Break and Learn

Remember the way we broke the toys and learnt its mechanism as kids? Exactly! That is what we are going to do here in 'Break and Learn'. This time around, we have just the right set of toys for you – 30 super good pictures from the memory archive of Studio A. Every image is deconstructed to its details and the knowledge + Wisdom is precisely presented.

  • MATERIAL FEE: ₹1499

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What are the elements deconstructed?
  • Story behind the Shot:
  • What went behind/into the making of every shot? Stories are interesting and insightful. We look at the bigger picture of every picture and discuss the experience.
  • Vision:
  • A shot is born way before you click the shutter. Yes, we are talking about Pre-Visualization. WHY will define the HOW and WHAT part of the pictures you create.
  • Camera and Technique:
  • Finally, the technical elements that aided in the making of every picture. With the right combination of vision and technology, you are on your way to creating your next big picture.

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